Highways and Hedges Ministries, inc.

Angela Cummings

2014 21 countries. 2015 25 countries. 2016 27 countries and 27 still going...

Hello it's me, Angela Cummings. Welcome to my website. You maybe inspired by my preaching ministry or you may hate my guts. Love me or Hate me, but I am hard to ignore. I preach the way I do because Jesus told the disciples in the bible to "Preach the Gospel in all nations". If Jesus had another way to fulfil the Great Commission besides publicly preaching the Word of God, then He would have mentioned it. Jesus is alive, praying on His Throne in heaven  and coming again soon for His Holy Bride(the church). My life is dedicated to reaching lost souls and helping body of Christ to grow in faith and boldness for Christ. May the Lamb receive the reward of His suffering.

Ministry scripture: Luke 14:23

It's me again, Angela. God called me to preach at Brownsville revival in Pensacola, Florida on 2/27/1999 when Steve Hill pointed at me through a crowd to receive prayer from him. The fire of God came on me and I wept for 2 weeks alone with God under the weight of His glorious calling. I went to BRSM and graduated Spring 2004. My open air preaching begin in May 2001. God has sent me all over the world preaching the gospel. Part of the time I spent as a missionary living in my Honda to just get the job done. My life for the gospel. God will reward me when I stand before Him. I will not let anyone steal my crown. Worthy is the Lamb!