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Angela Cummings

Protests and Campus Ministry  News  in  America

Texas, Washington and California. There are many more just not adding everything because many report the same story.

Texas News

University of Texas in Arlington Shorthorn 2007 "Faith Hop Love" "Cummings said Easter is all about Jesus...."

Reporternews.com "Texans protest passage of California proposition" "Dallas-about 1,200 gathered outside Dallas City Hall on Saturday to protest passage of California Prop 8 which banned same sex marriage in state....Across the street from Dallas City Hall, Angela Cummings, 38, of Irving, and 9 other people protested the rally with a bullhorn and a cross..."

Dallas Voice (LGBT) 1/12/09 "A counter protester, who identified herself as 38- year old Angela Cummings of Irving, holds a bible as she tries to disrupt an LGBT protest organized by Queer Liberation in downtown Dallas on Sunday..."

Washington campus news

westernfrontonline.net May 7, 2013

"You may have seen Evangelist Angela Cummings on campus last week. You know, the angry Christian zealot shouting messages of hate and bigotry to passersby in Red Square? Many student stopped to gawk or argue with the woman and her controversial proselytizing..."


California news

Lumberjack.org April 19, 2013 Collen Chalmers "Evangelical preacher visits HSU campus" "Jesus is not mister tolerant..." Cummings said

Lumberjack Q and A with Angela Cummings by Ryan Nakano May, 1 2013

Q. What did you mean when you said you would blow yourself up for Jesus?"

A. "I wear a backpack, in it is a Bible that over 50 nations will not even let you bring into the nation. So it makes you wonder, what is so powerful about this book? I'm making fun of Islam. They strap bombs on their backs and blow their selves up for virgins. All I am saying is I got a Bible strapped to my back, I've got a weapon and my weapon is my bible." If students listened in context. I'm saying the bible is the most powerful thing I could bring to their school."

San Luis Obispo News 6/9/2013 "Cummings, from Tenn, describes herself as a street preacher who travels the country spreading the Word of God by preaching to whomever will listen..."

California radio news

Los Angeles Jesse Lee Patterson radio show June 2013 Jesse: "What is your impression of Christian men and men at large, just men over all in America today..?" Angela "Uhm, Quiet. Just Quiet. You know uhm, I think people have taught their whole lives to be good boys. Men are supposed to be warriors, leaders, fighters, fearless. But the problem is people become a Christian and they still want to be a good boy. Well, it's time to stop being a good boy and be like BullWhip Jesus. Were Bullwhip Jesus took the whip to the temple and turned some tables over. I want to see some men on the frontlines..."