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Angela Cummings

Great Awakening in my hometown at UTC

Oct. 29, 30, 31 (3 news stations showed up on my 2nd day preaching there. Channel 9 news reported at 5 p.m that "1,000 students showed up.")

I left after that, went to Arkansas to preach all week. Felt God call me to drive back 600 miles to preach 3 more weeks because 2 reporters contacted me after leaving UTC. I went out of obedience to God, not because I wanted to be there.

Nov. 2013 (Within the 1st 15 minutes of preaching my first day back to UTC a student on his bike was arrested. I did not interfere with the police, because my job is to preach the gospel. The police were there because UTC campus put them there. UTC MOCkers earned the name "Mocs." The campus has a scripture in free speech area stating they used to be Zion Bible college with class scripture Philippians 2:15 "That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation: among whom ye shine as lights in the world."  Time to live up to that word, UTC. Repent!


Chattanooga Times Free Press 2013 and 2014

11/16/2013 Tim Omarzu "Student-Preacher spat spurs arrest: Bio Chemistry major wrestled to ground by UTC police." FRONT PAGE NEWS

"Hundreds of students have circled around Cummings, laughing, taunting, shouting, asking irreverent questions- even singing "Why you gotta be so mean?"

FRONT PAGE NEWS ON SUNDAY MORNING!!!! 11/24/13 Jeff L. (there are over 16 mistakes in this article sadly, however it was for most part encouraging to read)

Title was awesome: "Her Cross to bear: The story behind the street preacher trying to save UTC."

"On Monday, LT. John Boe of the UTC police department, which provides Cummings and her audiences with security, stood near the preacher with a loudness meter. Her voice occasionally spiked higher than 70 decibels in volume, in same league as lawn mowers and wood shop vacuum cleaners, but tended to stay in the 60's range. Hicks said the university has been using Chattanooga city code as its noise volume model, which states that no permitted unamplified activity should exceed 70 decibels."

 April 14, 2014 David Cobb "Permission to speak? UT policy would restrict street preachers, others who want to speak on campus" "The new policy could bring an end to the days of street preachers such as Angela Cummings, who caused controversy on the UTC campus in NOV. with loud tactics that campus ministries frown on and that some students dub 'hate speech'. "



Chattanooga TV news 1st and 2 visits

News 9 top news 1st visit "An Evangelist causes a campus commotion. Thanks for watching News Channel 9 I'm Calvin Sneed..."

News 12 news 1st visit "UTC causes quite the stir hundreds of students gathered around to see Angela Cummings. She begin giving what she calls an open air sermon..."

News 3 news 2nd visit "Any thoughts on how it ended?" Angela says "I wish he had of just obeyed..."

Fox News 17 2nd visit "UTC students, preacher face off." "...BUT, Cummings preached anyway."