Highways and Hedges Ministries, inc.

Angela Cummings

Huffington Post quotes about this ministry

1. 1/23/2014 Susan Kruth "Confusion about free speech at University of TN of Chattanooga...Cummings' speech is protected under 1st Amendment..."

2. 6/17/2013 Tyler Kingkade "One such extremist preacher was doing her thing at the California Poly State University in San Luis Obispo, Cal, recently, warning students that must repent or go to Hell, when 2 students apparently decided they'd ad enough..."

3. 11/17/13 Tyler Kingkade "Cole Phillip Montalvo, 24, was arrested when he attempted to rebuke Angela Cummings, a woman who is not a student but has been open air preaching at UTC campus recently..."

4. 11/19/2013 Tyler Kingkade "But despite student's attempts to block her, Cummings preached anyway with protection of the UTC security..."