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Angela Cummings

Pastor Randy Feldschau said close to time of my BRSM graduation these words in 2004 "Angela, People will either love you or hate you. Because you represent 'change.' " Below you will find 5 love comments.


1. Chattanooga News Free Press 11/24/2013 Campus Ministry USA (40 years on college campuses)

"I was incredibly surprised by the booming voice she has," Smock said. "There's not a man or woman in this country who has a voice like hers."


2. FSU student Ashley gave me a note "Angela, it was nice to meet you today. I'm usually very skeptical of street preachers, even as a Christian. But I am very excited to hear you speak the gospel clearly in grace and truth. I appreciate your presence here and pray that your time here is focused (not on highly debatable issues) but on Jesus and knowing Him frames out all the rest. Even how we approach those issues. I also hope your time is fruitful and that people come to know and experience God's love through your ministry. I was encouraged today. Thank you, Ashley."


3. UTC student Hannah writes my facebook inbox "I want to say Thank you Angela. I am so glad I got to see the real you today and see how peaceful you are in the end. I hope you forgive me for all the bad things I said about you on my facebook.. I now understand where you are coming from..." Her repentance also led her to erase comments. That took humility.


4. Pastor Anthony in TN writes "Wow, God had a great job for you and is still using that journey of preaching to spar articles in papers and TV. To inspire other preachers who will take courage to stand and preach in the open air and college campuses across the world. So their courage to stand and reach more people will be related to you. God bless you sis."


5. J.C facebook friend wrote after my trip to Rome, Italy jail 7/2013 " Keep it up sis and maybe your followers will begin to take courage and be bold. Pave the way for the timid sis. Let your light shine...Bless you."