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Evangelist Angela Cummings

Inspired by the Great Commission Volume one and Volume two 


My 1st book is called "Inspired by the Great Commission" '45 countries by 45 years old' My 2nd book is called "Inspired by the Great Commission: Guilty of hate crime in the Netherlands" My 3rd book is called "Inspired by the Great Commission I will NOT recant" 

Evangelist Angela Cummings

Volume One is a huge book of my journey of 5 years living in my car to the around the world with gospel. Volume Two is smaller, but still 20 countries in 6 months. 

Volume Three is a smaller book about 20 countries in 4 to 5 months focusing on keeping Reformation alive.  

I set up an account for the book. It is a savings account and do not use it for needs. It was set up for either car repairs or my funeral. I never know when I will get killed for the gospel and don't want to burden my mother. I only make $5 a book. Hope you will read and be inspired. Many have already read and enjoyed it. Praise God!  

Here is a picture of my pastor blessing me in NY before one of my missions trips where I rode in 4 cop cars in 4 countries in 4 months. He goes to jail more than me. So, he is good pastor.