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Angela Cummings

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Angela Cummings

I travel so much that I do not have a mailing address.

My email is same as paypal below.

paypal: byebyeflorida@yahoo.com



Highways and Hedges Ministries, inc. is a non profit 501c3 ministry. Any support you choose to send to this ministry will gladly give you a tax receipt for your giving. I have never sued anyone to get ministry support. The devil is a liar!

There is only 1 church that helps me monthly. They are in California and started Sept. 2014 giving to this ministry monthly. I have spoken in a few churches in 2014. They blessed me enough to take care of food, gas and a few hotels as I went. So, I was not always sleeping in car. Because I only came back to America for short visit, no need to join a gym for showers. Christians have even begin to take me in their homes. Thank you Jesus!

God uses people that believe in biblical open air preaching. God may have brought you here today to invest in this ministry. When in America my home is my Honda Fit since 2011. I live where ever God sends me on a mission for Him. No home base.

This ministry has yearly board meetings every Dec. This is required by law and nice time to reflect on goodness of God. 2014 has been the biggest year of this ministry and thankful for every giver. God bless you.