Highways and Hedges Ministries, inc.

Angela Cummings

World Wide News

 1. Pattaya-Funtown.com August 2015

Crazy American woman goes bible bashing on Walking Street (Title)

"Lets face it, the preacher lady has a point: Pattaya is absolutely wicked and full of "immodest women."

2. British Church News April 2015

ASBO for Street Preacher in Chester (Title)

"Angela's style of preaching is speaking forth bible verses, related commentary and singing all without the use of a PA system...In my opinion she deals very well with hecklers who interrupt her speaking with derisive comments and abuse." M.R. of UK

 3. Yorkshirestandard.co.uk

"Angela Cummings of Highways and Hedges ministries, attracted a large crowd when she came to Leeds to spread the word of Jesus Christ."


4. RT (Russian News) 11/20/13 "The foundation for individual rights in education agreed with the school administration on the situation, telling the Huffington post that UTC can enforce neutral limits on the time and place Cummings speaks but not much more. According to her Youtube page, Cummings has been preaching in public since 2001..."

5. Freethinker UK (The Voice of Atheism since 1881) Barry Duke 11/18/13 "Angela Cummings, as crazy as a sackful of snakes..."