Highways and Hedges Ministries

Evangelist Angela Cummings

Be careful what you ask God for because you just might get it. I asked God for the nations and with that came great adventures with great spiritual battles. Jesus is Worthy! God sent me to 67 countries and hundreds of cities with the gospel. Thank you, Jesus! 

This picture was taken in Dallas, Texas in the middle of a Highway for my ministry. The name of my ministry is called "Highways and Hedges Ministries, inc." It became a Legal Non Profit charity in Texas in 2007. Jesus told us to invite people to the Marriage Supper of the Lamb and do it on the Highways and Hedges. This beautiful gown was donated to a Charity in 2016. When God blesses me with my future marriage I will then pick out a new white dress. My wedding colors are White lace, Pink and Red Velvet. Coming soon!!! God promised me and I have prepared for this wonderful promise for years. Women were created to be helpmates to the man. God had me on front lines for years.  

My passion is to proclaim the truth of God's Word and point people to the Redeemer: Jesus Christ. I was called to preach the gospel on 2/27/1999 at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. After this I closed my business and moved with 8 year old son to Florida for me to attend BRSM bible school. My international travels begin in the year 2000 to Germany, then Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein . God then launched me into the Open Air Preaching Evangelism May 2001. Immediately, after the birth of my open air preaching ministry I begin mentoring other people in evangelism. My leaders in the Evangelism department at BRSM suggested I teach a mentor class. Since then, God has used me to launch over 100 new preachers on the streets to do their 1st message from 2001 until 2017. Women see me doing and want to praise Jesus with giving the gospel, too. Glory to God! May 8, 2004 I graduated from BRSM and my son at 13 years stood in front of the whole church/school with red roses to honor my achievement. Nick is now 28. He is engaged to a great young lady he was been with 9 years in my hometown. I have never been married and do not date. God is my divine matchmaker. While in Texas I moved into my Honda Fit and moved to California. This is where I begin attending Bible Believers Fellowship in May 2011 and Ruben remained my Pastor all these years. God used me to reach many famous people with the gospel while living in my car in Malibu. Many were Jewish and my calling to Israel came after talking to Adam Sandler about Jesus the Jewish Messiah. California felt like home. I even died to my world missions dreams. SUDDENLY!!! God resurrected my dreams for the nations. I pasted God's testings and it was promotion time. Promotion comes from the Lord. God saw how serious I was living in my car, preaching faithfully in my home country  and after 9 years it was time to go back to my favorite mission field of Europe. This has been where I wanted to live since the year 2000. Amsterdam, Netherlands has become my favorite city in Europe since my 1st trip in 2012. I almost legally changed my name to "Angela Holland" in 2013 to protect my family from all the internet  trolls and news media. My family asked me to keep my original name, until I get married. By God's grace I have been to 67 countries, published 9 books, 1 book written as a ghost writer for gift to a friend and I remain in full time traveling ministry. God has used me all over the world to preach the gospel and inspire others. Glory to God!  Some countries will not let me come in or return to because of all the stirring up I do when I preach the gospel. I love my job (most of time) and enjoy police stations. Cops love hearing my stories and I enjoy the chats with them, too. A few countries have arrested me, one house arrest, many police cars across Europe, slapped by a cop, pushed by a cop and even had a cop lie about me causing me a 3 year court battle in the Netherlands. Amsterdam Training Center was birthed in 2018 to disciple the nations, online. I now have 4 graduates in 3 different countries, while others are in school right now. My hope and prayers are to marry a European Christian Business man that is called to leadership in his country. I have zero desire to marry a street preacher. I would rather DIE, than get stuck with a street preacher as my husband. My desire is to settle down at home with my sweet handsome (Dutch) husband to be a helpmate to him, stop traveling and do ministry part time online.(Psalm 37:4) There are ministry ideas I have for a Coffee Bike, Coffee shop and a Ministry Training Center after God plants me in my home. Seasons change. It is time for others to go to the nations and let me be a Wife and Coach, amen. The world will not go to Hell because I get married, so please don't write me to condemn my transition. Go push yourself, God knows I have done plenty of fishing and suffering for the gospel. It is time for rewards and the promises of God. 2020 will bring forth my destiny and greatest hearts desires. God has rewards on earth and in heaven. Get one of my books for more inspiration. God bless you,

Angela Cummings: International Evangelist, Author, Mentor

Inspired by the Great Commission Volume 1, 2 and 3 and Blessed are the Risk Takers on Amazon or Kindle