Highways and Hedges Ministries

Evangelist Angela Cummings

"Tunnel of Love" in Ukraine 

Ministry scripture: Luke 14:23

My passion is to proclaim the truth of God's Word and point people to the Redeemer: Jesus Christ. I was called to preach the gospel on 2/27/1999 at the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, Florida. After this I closed my business and moved with 8 year old son to Florida for me to attend BRSM bible school. My international travels begin in the year 2000 to Germany, then Switzerland, Austria and Liechtenstein . God then launched me into the Open Air Preaching Evangelism May 2001. Immediately after this I begin mentoring other people in evangelism and taught a mentor class at BRSM. May 8, 2004 I graduated from BRSM and my son at 13 years stood in front of the whole church/school with red roses to honor my achievement. Nick is now 28 and I have never been married. While in Texas I moved into my Honda Fit and moved to California. I spent 40 years in the Bible Belt of USA and needed a new mission field. This is where I begin attending Bible Believers Fellowship in May 2011. Ruben Israel is my pastor and has no issues with me traveling the world alone to share the gospel. In 2012 I went on my first missions trip after living in my Honda and fell in love with Amsterdam, Netherlands. By God's grace I have been to 65 countries now, published 7 books and remain in full time ministry without needing an ambulance. God has used me all over the world to preach the gospel and inspire others. Glory to God!  Some countries have given me a hard time for attempting to return there and denied me entrance. God used me to stir up things when He sends me as His messenger. I have been arrested several times, plus many cop cars all through out Europe. I love my job and enjoy police stations. Amsterdam Training Center was birthed in 2018 to disciple the nations. I now have 4 graduates in 3 different countries, while others are in school right now. 2019 God transitioned my home church base to be Jesus True Redeemer church in Hong Kong, until I get married. My hope is to marry a successful attractive breath taking European business man. Serve him with all my heart as a wife and raise up warriors for Christ in my free time. Seasons change and no way is God going to keep sending me around the world for 21 countries a year the rest of my life. Great adventures and my books tell the stories. Glory to God for great things He has done. It is time for others to go to the nations and let me be a coach in 2019, amen. 2019 will bring forth my destiny and greatest hearts desires. God has rewards on earth and in heaven. God bless you! 

Inspired by the Great Commission Volume 1, 2 and 3 and Blessed are the Risk Takers on Amazon or Kindle