Highways and Hedges Ministries

Evangelist Angela Cummings

Inspired by the Great Commission 1, 2 and 3 and Inspired by a Wow 


My 1st book is called "Inspired by the Great Commission" '45 countries by 45 years old' My 2nd book is called "Inspired by the Great Commission: Guilty of hate crime in the Netherlands" My 3rd book is called "Inspired by the Great Commission I will NOT recant" 

Evangelist Angela Cummings

Volume One is a huge book of my journey of 5 years living in my car to the around the world with gospel. Volume Two is smaller, but still 20 countries in 6 months. 

Volume Three is a smaller book about 20 countries in 4 to 5 months focusing on keeping Reformation alive.  

Blessed are the risk takers is my new book in Fall 2018. It will inspire even the lost souls.  

I set up an account for the book. It is a savings account and do not use it for needs. It was set up for either car repairs or my funeral. I never know when I will get killed for the gospel and don't want to burden my mother. I only make under $3 average per book. Hope you will read and be inspired. Many have already read and enjoyed it. Praise God!  

Here is a picture of my pastor blessing me in NY before one of my missions trips where I rode in 4 cop cars in 4 countries in 4 months. He goes to jail more than me. So, he is good pastor.